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RF-Over-Fiber Series

RFoverFiberHUBER + SUHNER has positioned itself to provide its customers with end-to-end solutions. Key benefits of combining radio frequency and fiber optics in a single solution are: no changes required to existing RF infrastructure, secure, light-weight, covers greater distances with less loss, wide frequency ranges available, flexible connectivity options, reduced total cost of ownership and future-proof.

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Precision Multicoax Connector Solution: MXP

MPX50  multicoax connector solutionThe small form factor and outstanding electrical characteristics combined with reliable mating and ease of use make the MXP an excellent solution for bench-top and system testing. MXP can also be used as an interconnect within automated semiconductor test equipment. The MXP product line offers a large selection of bandwidths: MXP50 (50 GHz), MXP40 (40 GHz) and MXP18 (18 GHz) that cover current data rate requirements. 

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OMNI-S MIMO Multiband Antenna

OMNI-S antennaThe OMNI-S antenna is especially designed for applications in harsh environments on street cabinets, distribution boxes or industrial vehicles. It supports various wireless bands such as cellular 2G, 3G, 4G LTE (US / EUR), WiFi MIMO and GPS/Glonass for industrial wireless and M2M communication, for WiFi offload, carrier-grade WiFi as well as for small cells and WiFi hotspots.


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RADOX® Databus 120 Ohm EN


HUBER + SUHNER now offers 120 ohm databus cables for train communication networks (TCN). The new RADOX® databus 120 ohm EN use electron-beam crosslinked materials and are thus particularly well-suited for applications that involve high and low temperatures. In addition, the cables are halogen-free, flame resistant and produce very little smoke in case of fire.

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Multicoax Solution: MXP40 / MXP18

MXP40-MXP18The multicoax solution MXP offers an attractively priced 18 Gbps /18 GHz as well as a high-end 40 Gbps / 40 GHz version in a very small form factor. With reliable mating and ease of use that make them both especially suited to bench-top and system testing, the solutions can also be used as an interconnect within automated semiconductor test equipment.

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