MXP40-MXP18What high speed digital testing demands

The multicoax solution MXP offers an attractively priced 18 Gbps / 18 GHz as well as a high-end 40 Gbps / 40 GHz version in a very small form factor. With reliable mating and ease of use that make them both especially suited to bench-top and system testing, the solutions can also be used as an interconnect within automated semiconductor test equipment.

A broad range of configurations is available with highly flexible and ultra-stable cable assemblies and compact PCB connectors.


Key features

  • Operating range of up to 40 Gbps/40 GHz
  • Highest density – lowest loss
  • Slide-on mounting – no screwing
  • Highly flexible and ultra-stable MULTIFLEX cable
  • Extensive technical support


  • Testing at the highest stage
    • The broadband characteristics and the true 40 Gbps/40 GHz coaxial-to-PCB transition allow the design of evaluation boards (test set-ups) for the latest generation of semiconductor standards.
  • Space saving
    • Due to the dense interface pitch, the PCB connectors take up less space on boards. This is advantageous, as expensive high-performance board material is essential for good signal integrity at high data rates.
  • Shorter transmission lines
    • The compact design of the PCB connector allows it to be positioned directly adjacent to the DUT/chip. This helps to keep the transmission lines on the board short and the losses low.
  • Reliable push-on mating
    • Thanks to the revolutionary slide-on interface design, assemblies can be replugged quickly and easily, while guaranteeing stable electrical values even after numerous mating cycles.
  • Easy channel handling
    • The highly flexible MULTFLEX cable in combination with a detailed numbering and coding system ensure easy channel handling without any degradation of the signal integrity.


Key features

  • Operating range of up to 18 Gbps/18 GHz
  • 1 x 8 ganged version
  • Breakout to SMA
  • Compatible with MXP40


  • Best value for pricing
    • MXP18 offers outstanding electrical and mechanical performance for its price and keeps the expenses for testing within reasonable bounds
  • Future-proof modularity
    • MXP18 assemblies are mechanically fully compatible with the MXP40 system