EccostockhIk1000ECCOSTOCK® HiK is a series of controlled dielectric constant materials ranging from 3 to 15. Dielectric loss is low and the accuracy of the dielectric constant is less than 3%. The material does not support fungal growth per MIL-STD-810E, has low water absorption and low outgassing for space applications.

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LS-30SS3_VECCOSORB® LS is a series of light-weight, flexible, dielectrically loaded, polyurethane foam materials. These foams, black in color and UL 94 HBF fire retardant rated, achieve their lossy behavior using a conductive carbon loading system. ECCOSORB® LS is not weatherproof, but can be supplied with a special coating called CERSEAL for outdoor use.

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MetalTag™ Flex

MetalTagFlex100MetalTag™ Flex is constructed using our patented elastomer and a robust, yet flexible, exoskeleton. It can withstand severe outdoor conditions, wide temperature variation and more shock than most comparably sized hard-plastic tags. Perfect for applications where the substrate is not necessarily flat or uniform.

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EccosorbMCS100ECCOSORB® MCS is a thin, flexible, magnetically loaded, silicone rubber material that is electrically non-conductive. This product is particularly suitable for cavity resonance reduction applications in the 800 MHz to 6 GHz range. It is an extremely versatile product due to its low out-gassing and UL-94 V1 fire retardant rating.

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SH-eccostockECCOSTOCK® SH is a rigid, closed cell, polyurethane foam which remains rigid at high temperatures. ECCOSTOCK® SH may be used at a maximum service temperature of 275°F (135°C) and at 325°F (163°C) for short periods. It is primarily used as a high temperature structural member or thermal barrier in electrical/electronic applications.

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