SH-eccostockECCOSTOCK® SH is a rigid, closed cell, polyurethane foam which remains rigid at high temperatures. ECCOSTOCK® SH may be used at a maximum service temperature of 275°F (135°C) and at 325°F (163°C) for short periods. It is primarily used as a high temperature structural member or thermal barrier in electrical/electronic applications.

Unlike most polyurethanes, ECCOSTOCK® SH has extremely low dielectric loss and dielectric constant. The material is easily machinable and does not support fungal growth per MIL-STD-810E.

ECCOSTOCK® SH is also available as a two-part, foam-in-place liquid system called ECCOSTOCK® FPH. When cured, it has identical properties to ECCOSTOCK® SH of the same bulk density.

At Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, we maintain a line of standard dielectric products in standard shapes and sizes.

  • RF transparent, low loss, low K materials with structural strength
  • Low loss, plastic rod, bar, and sheet products with selected dielectric constants
  • Rigid, durable, high dielectric materials used to reduce physical size of components

Does your project require a dielectric material with a custom configuration or shape? If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website or in our catalog, let us know! We have extensive custom capabilities and R&D services. Call 800-650-5740.

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