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5G Tools

3 Shiny New Tools in the 5G Toolbox

A few newer tools in the 5G toolbox that will be implemented this year and beyond will help enable the rollout of 5G networks include Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN).

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Dk Measurements are Affected by Various Test Methods

Mobile wireless communications systems are moving to their fifth generation (5G) and with them, the world is moving to millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. For many circuit designers, this means taking a hard look at their choice of printed circuit board (PCB) material to understand how well it will perform in 5G circuits and systems at mmWave frequencies. It means counting on that circuit material for a value of permittivity or dielectric constant (Dk) that will be the foundation of many new designs, counting on a circuit material supplier’s Dk measurements. But how reliable are those Dk measurements?

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Characterizing Integrated RF Hardware for 5G Applications

In order to deal with both data access through an SoC and with the potential of an evolving standard, an ideal characterization environment would need flexible signal generation and analysis capabilities capable of producing waveforms compliant not only with the current 5G standard but could also generate new waveforms as the standard evolves. This signal generation and analysis capability also needs to be able to extract RF data from new SoC hardware without requiring the RF engineer to be an expert in programming SoCs. Read how this can be accomplished.

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Why TCDk Circuit Performance Testing is Critical, in Order to Understand Environmental Influences

TCDk is a property which all circuit materials possess and it is how much the Dk of the material will change, with a change in temperature. The default test method for determining TCDk is typically done as a raw-material test and this video gives an outline of how to perform TCDk testing in circuit form. The circuit form testing for TCDk is considered a real-world test as opposed to the raw-material test method, which is typically intended for material characterization. Watch this video from John Coonrod covering this topic.

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Ericsson Featr

Ericsson Mobility Report Highlights

5G Projections Increased

Ericsson just released their Mobility Report and here are some highlights. Taking information directly from the report, more than 50 service providers around the world have launched commercial 5G services.

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Drone Lab

Northeastern University Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aerial System Facility

One of the most advanced wireless evaluation centers in the world!

Back in the 1990’s, I completed an MBA night program at Northeastern University’s suburban campus in Burlington, just north of Boston. On my recent visit to the campus, I was stunned to find a completely transformed facility that used to only house a few classrooms and small library.

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6G Research Gets Underway This Year

As 5G hits the first year of deployment from the first time initial commercial trials were started in the US by Verizon and AT&T, GSA is reporting that 50 commercial 5G networks have been deployed as China’s big three all activated 5G networks on Nov 1. Since most of the 3GPP 5G are in-process at this point so somewhat determined, several research activities have been announced for 6G.

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