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Uhnder Car

Uhnder Launches Industry’s First 4D Digital Imaging Radar

Appearing later this year on Fisker Ocean SUV

Uhnder will soon become the first company to mass produce a fully automotive qualified, 4D digital imaging radar-on-chip that will transform our roadways, making possible next-generation ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), autonomous vehicles (AVs), and automated mobility applications.

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Anritsu Introduces Rack Mount Remote Spectrum Monitors with Frequencies Up To 43.5 GHz

Anritsu Company introduces the MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor series that includes the industry’s first remote spectrum monitor that covers 43.5 GHz to support new satellite downlink bands. Combining high RF performance with supporting PC software, the MS27201A series delivers a unique package for long-term monitoring in a variety of commercial and regulatory environments.

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