These were the top 10 magazine articles published in 2022:

Anatomy of the 5G Small Cell
By Pat Hindle, Microwave Journal

SOI RFIC Tunable Filters Improve Phased Array System Performance
By Leopold E. Pellon, Otava Inc.

From Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces to mmWave Beamforming
By Geoffroy Lerosey, Greenerwave

Ultra-Efficient Wideband Multi-Layer Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Arrays
By Kristi Pance and Gianni Taraschi, Rogers Corporation

The Perfect HF Receiver. What Would it Look Like Today?
By Ulrich L. Rohde, Universitat der Bunderwehr and Thomas Boegl, Rohde & Schwarz

PCB Design Considerations for mmWave
By Niels Kirkeby, Chong Mei and Tom Buck, TTM Technologies

The Use of GaN RF Switches in High-Power Radio Design
By Manish Shah, Tagore Technology Inc.

Mobile Network Testing of 5G NR FR1 and FR2 Networks: Challenges and Solutions
By Christoph Hausl, Julian Emmert, Manuel Mielke, Benjamin Mehlhorn and Corbett Rowell, Rohde & Schwarz

MMIC Filters’ Time Has Come
By Doug Jorgesen and Christopher Marki, Marki Microwave

A Planetary Radar System for Detection and High-Resolution Imaging of Nearby Celestial Bodies
By Steven R. Wilkinson, Charlie Hansen, Barry Alexia, Bishara Shamee and Brian Lloyd, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, El Segundo, Calif., Anthony Beasley and Walter Brisken, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, Va., Flora Paganelli, Galen Watts and Karen O’Neil, Green Bank Observatory, W. Va., and Patrick Courtney, Qorvo