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Benefits of Foam Polymers in HUBER+SUHNER Low Loss SPUMA and Phase Stable CT Cables

Phase-critical analog and digital transceiver systems are increasingly relied upon in global Aerospace & Defense programs, due, in part, to the rapid advancement and growth of high-resolution phased array antenna technology. These advancements are enabling significant innovation in satellite-based communications (SATCOM), surface, airborne, and space-based radars, secure point-topoint communications, autonomous vehicles, electronic warfare (EW), and space research.

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Advantages of Multi-channel Modular Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Arbitrary waveform generators or AWG’s come close to being universal signals sources. They are digitally based devices capable of generating any waveform, within published limits of bandwidth, memory length, accuracy, and output level. Sixteen bits of amplitude resolution are available with bandwidths from 70 to 600 MHz and output levels as high as 24 Vpp.

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Improve 5G Testing with Reliable Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies

The 5G test industry requires improved reliability of cable assemblies to help improve test outcomes. A significant portion of a test system’s stability and repeatability is determined by the precise performance of microwave/RF cable assemblies. Engineers should understand how cable assemblies affect the test system to maximize and optimize overall performance.

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Antenna Array Testing - Conducted and Over the Air: The Way to 5G

5G networks will need to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering the operational expenses of the system. Two new technologies can simultaneously address both the increase in capacity and the increase in energy efficiency: Virtualization & Massive MIMO. The white paper provides an overview of test solutions addressing current and future requirements for antenna verification including both conducted and over-the-air (OTA) test methods, which result from applying Massive MIMO antenna technology.

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Phased Array Antenna Patterns—Part 2

This is the second article of our three-part series on phased array antenna patterns. In Part 1, we introduced the phased array steering concept and looked at the influencers on array gain. In Part 2, we’ll discuss grating lobes and beam squint. Grating lobes can be hard to visualize, so we’ll draw on their similarity with signal aliasing in digital converters, then use that to think of a grating lobe as a spatial alias.

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Combining MMIC Reflectionless Filters to Create Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Bandpass Filters

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio is defined as any RF technology utilizing a bandwidth of greater than ¼ the center frequency or a bandwidth greater than 500 MHz [1] [2]. While UWB has been a known technology since the end of the 19th century, restrictions on transmission to prevent interference with narrow-band, continuous wave signals have limited its applications to defense and relatively few specially licensed operators [1].

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