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M/A-COM Technology Solutions Unveils High-performance Components

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. , an industry leader in commercial, industrial and government markets, specializing in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave component and technology solutions, announces several families of high-performance components aimed at point-to-point microwave radio block diagrams. These new products include families of Power Amplifiers, Voltage-controlled Oscillators and Driver...
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AR Offers Full Color 2009 Wall Calendar

AR , a leader for testing and communications solutions in the worlds of EMC, military, wireless and beyond, is offering a free 2009 full color calendar. The 12” x 12” calendar runs from October ’08 through December’ 09 and features striking color photography related to the industries served by...
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inTEST Acquires Sigma Systems

inTEST Corp. , an independent designer, manufacturer and marketer of semiconductor automatic test equipment (ATE) interface solutions and temperature management products, recently announced its acquisition of privately-held Sigma Systems Corp. Sigma Systems, founded in 1956, is located in El Cajon, CA, and is a leading manufacturer of thermal platforms,...
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OMMIC Launches New X-band Phase Shifter MMIC

OMMIC announces the introduction of a new phase shifter MMIC for X-band applications. Applications for the new device include Weather and Military Radars, Satellite Communications and Phased Array Applications in general. The CGY2172XUH is a 6-bit phase shifter MMIC with a LSB of 5.625° that covers the band 8...
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Anite and Renasas Design France Announce Partnership

Anite , a global leader in testing technology for the wireless industry, and Renesas Design France (RDF), a provider of advanced wireless technologies and platforms, announced a strategic partnership in the field of Wireless Conformance testing. RDF has selected Anite’s SAT(H) software test platform, a unique host test solution...
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Orbit Unveils Tracking Solution

Orbit Technology Group , a leader in the field of tracking technology and advanced mobile SATCOM systems for ground, air and marine applications, unveils its newest and most advanced Digital Tracking solution, the AL-4012, at the International Telemetry Conference (ITC), in San Diego, CA. The AL-4012, Orbit’s new generation...
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