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Focus on EuRAD and an Overview of the Radar Market

By Alexander Yarovoy, European Radar Conference 2008 Chairman
A warm welcome to the 5 th European Radar Conference (EuRAD) being held in Amsterdam as part of European Microwave Week. The European Radar Conference started in Amsterdam four years ago thanks to the inspiration and determination of Leo Ligthart. Since then the number of submitted and accepted papers...
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ITU Asia: Mobile broadband revolution emerges

Service addresses Asia-Pac pent-up demand for broadband
Mobile broadband is revolutionizing broadband access across Asia-Pacific in developed and emerging markets. It is meeting pent-up broadband demand while being marketed as both a fixed line replacement, and as a personal and mobile broadband experience. Focusing on consumers and 3G-based technologies, Nathan Burley discusses the mobile broadband revolution...
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Xohm goes live, but is NSN defocusing on WiMAX?

Speculation that Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) will defocus on the WiMAX market has gained new weight, with Sprint Nextel defecting to Samsung to supply the Dallas-Fort Worth build-out for its Xohm service. The operator insists this is just a practicality, because the Texas city became ready for its equipment...
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Intel: WiMAX to slash time to market for carriers

Intel and the WiMAX community may stick to their party line that WiMAX will complement cellular networks rather than challenge them, but the chief 802.16e flagwaver continually highlights areas where it claims its favorite platform can beat HSPA and even LTE hands-down. These are increasingly not directly about technology...
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Whither Mobile WiMAX Business Models?

Thinking Differently from 2G and 3G
WiMAX presents the first opportunity to extend a full-featured Internet experience at broadband speeds to the mobile economy. WiMAX delivers benefits--lower cost per megabyte; standards-based network design; and low-cost, small-scale chip sets--that promise a ubiquitous mobile broadband experience on a myriad of portable electronic devices. Capitalizing on this technology...
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Motorola to Deploy WiMAX Network in Pakistan

Motorola has signed a multi-year WiMAX contract with wi-tribe Pakistan limited, a joint venture between Qatar Telecom (Qtel) and Saudi Arabia’s A.A. Turki Group of Companies (ATCO). The company will supply infrastructure and a comprehensive services package that will enable cost-effective, wireless broadband services for wi-tribe’s customers. Via this...
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BBWF: NSN and Huawei strike IPR licensing deal

Deal aims to ease problem of patent licensing disputes
Nokia announced yesterday at Broadband World Forum that its mobile equipment arm, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), has struck a patent licensing deal with Chinese rival Huawei. The agreement covers the worldwide use of all standards essential patents of all parties, including GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, optical networking, datacom and WiMAX...
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