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Active Doubly Balanced Mixers for CMDS RFIC's

FET mixer operation and the measured performance of two active doubly balanced mixer topologies in CMOS technology
Active Doubly Balanced Mixers for CMOS RFICs Patrick J. Sullivan and Walter H. Ku University of California, San Diego, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering La Jolla, CA Bernard A. Xavier Hughes Network Systems San Diego, CA As the gate length of standard CMOS processes decreases into the submicron...
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MMW Digital Radio Front End: The Application, Market, and Technology

Point-to-point mm-wave (MMW) digital radios and their market, application and technology int he commercial arena
MMW Digital Radio Front Ends: Market, Application and Technology Lamberto Raffaelli ARCOM Inc. Salem, NH Point-to-point mm-wave (MMW) digital radios offer unprecedented opportunities to the microwave industry. This technology, which was developed mainly for military applications, is finally finding a good market in the commercial arena. Along with automotive...
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PIN Diode Antenna Switch That Doubles as a Combiner

A PIN diode switch designed to control a 360° steerable antenna array woth no moving parts
A Pin Diode Antenna Switch that Doubles as a Combiner Greg Adams VIZ Manufacturing Co. Philadelphia, PA Kong S. Luen AeroComm Ltd. Germantown, MD Twice a day, at weather stations around the world, a weather balloon is launched and atmospheric soundings record temperature, pressure, relative humidity and wind velocity...
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Macro File and Design Window Compression Load Measurements

Measurement and evaluation algorithims that allow full load pull tests to be performed while driving transistors automatically into desired gain compression and measuring a selection of parameters as a function of input power
Macro File and Design Window Compression Load Pull Measurements This article describes measurement and evaluation algorithms that allow full load pull tests to be performed while driving transistors automatically into desired gain compression and measuring a selection of parameters, such as output power, gain, efficiency, intermodulation, adjacent-channel power (ACP),...
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COMPONENTS Memory BIST IC Option LogicVision's built-in self-test (BIST) technology is now offered as an option in embedded memory devices and helps to ensure automated testability. In addition, the technology is quickly becoming a prerequisite in IC design to optimize design time and silicon real estate, and to preserve...
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MATERIAL Urethane Foam The PORON" series 4701-30 urethane foam is soft (typical compression forces of 2 to 9 lb per square inch, depending on density, at 25 percent deflection) yet has exceptionally high resistance to compression set. This combination of features allows the new foam material to protect delicate...
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SYSTEMS 13 - 38 GHz Digital Radio The COMPACT 38 series digital radio is the first in a family of 13 to 38 GHz radios and is suitable for short-haul wireless and PCS/PCN applications in the mm-wave range. The radio is available in both nonprotected and protected system configurations...
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HARDWARE EMI Gaskets These BalShield® series EMI gaskets provide good shielding capability due to a unique canted-coil design, which creates numerous, independently loaded contact points that reduce the likelihood of creating a slot antenna effect at breaks in the enclosure or package. The spring gasket is a patented design...
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ANTENNA C-band, Remote, Switchable Feed The model ESR-44C/2 C-band, receive-only antenna feed operates over the frequency range from 3.7 to 4.2 GHz and is able to switch remotely between dual-linear and dual-circular polarizations. To use the remote switching function, the receiver should be capable of supplying 24 V to...
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AMPLIFIERS Rack-mounted Octave Bandwidth Power Amplifier The model ACAM-7954 rack-mounted octave bandwidth power amplifier operates from 1000 to 2000 MHz and features a convenient 19-inch rack enclosure, 10 W (min) output power and 110 V AC operation. Guaranteed gain is 27 dB, flatness is ±1 dB, 1 dB gain...
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