The response time and coordination of the emergency services in Czluchow, Poland, are set to improve, after the Polish government commissioned a pilot project to set up a new control centre equipped with a modern TETRA radio system. With a view to improving internal security and cooperation among rescue teams, R & S BICK Mobilfunk, a subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz, has supplied and installed a TETRA ACCESSNET®-T radio system in the centre.

The new radio communication system comprises a TETRA base station with integrated exchange (DSS-500), which includes a gateway to the in-house PBAX system, permitting radio conversation to and from the in-house or public switched telephone network. In addition, in-vehicle terminals are equipped with global positioning system (GPS) receivers, enabling the TETRA dispatcher to use the position data to coordinate action.

Use of the system's data capability can relay important information that will aid selection of the optimum hospital and give advanced warning of admission of a patient. There are already plans to extend the radio coverage area, and other communities in Poland are also interested in setting up this new system.