Raytheon Co. has been awarded a $16.8 M production option to a previously awarded US Army Communications - Electronic Command (CECOM) contract for the production of AN/TPN-31 Air Traffic Navigation, Integration and Coordination Systems (ATNAVICS) and AN/FPN-67 Fixed Base Precision Approach Radar (FBPAR) systems.

ATNAVICS is a completely self-contained system, mounted on two High Mobility, Multi-purpose, Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), which provides rapid response air traffic control services at Army airfields and tactical landing sites. The system is comprised of an S-band air surveillance radar, L-band secondary surveillance radar/identification friend or foe, an X-band precision approach radar and Raytheon's AutoTrac air traffic management system. These systems provide full surveillance to 25 nautical miles and precision approach coverage to 10 nautical miles in all weather conditions.

ATNAVICS is the only radar ground controlled approach system mounted on mobile vehicles that is transportable in a C-130 aircraft. It provides a rapid air traffic control response to both tactical operations and civil disasters.

The Army's new AN/FPN-67 fixed based precision approach radar provides the US Army air traffic controllers with a proven, cost-effective tool that provides accurate and reliable aircraft position information to aid in the landing operations in adverse weather and low visibility conditions. It is identical to the ATNAVICS precision approach radar and will be installed in permanent locations at Army airfields. The AN/TPN-31 is a tactical system and the AN/FPN-67 is a fixed-base system.