Industry News

New Literature

Product Catalog This RF and microwave custom filters catalog showcases new products with pictures and actual test data fact sheets for each filter type. A variety of packaging and performance levels are featured to represent the company's capabilities. Bree Engineering Corp., San Marcos, CA (760) 510-4950. Circle No. 200...
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Catalog Update

Inductor Products Catalog This 10-page catalog features the company's WL series of wire wound chip inductor products, designed to provide excellent performance at competitive prices. The series is ideal for all 800 MHz to 3.4 GHz wireless applications where cost and performance are major factors. Product descriptions, features, applications,...
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Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses Wireless Engineering Topics : Intended for engineers in the wireless field. Course principles are explored by the design of practical filters, diplexers and transistor amplifiers, giving participants a wide range of design experience. Fee: $2045. Site : Trenton, NJ Dates : July 15-19, 2002 Contact :...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Raytheon to Lead System Integration for Navy's Surface Combatant Ship Raytheon Co. has been awarded a cost plus award fee contract to be the system integrator for the DD (X), the US Navy's next-generation surface combatant ship. The contract is expected to total $1.36 B over...
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International Report

International Report Euro Hawk Heads for Germany Despite the demands of Operation Enduring Freedom, Northrop Grumman and its German partner the European Aeronautic, Defence and Space (EADS) Company Deutschland confidently expect to deploy a testbed Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to Germany no later than April 2003. Forming...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market The IEEE 802 Committee Forms New Radio Regulatory Advisory Group The IEEE 802 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks Standards Committee (LMSC), at its 11-15 March plenary, approved the formation of a new technical advisory group (TAG) dedicated to addressing radio regulations as they impact the committee's...
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The Book End

Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications Jia-Sheng Hong and M.J. Lancaster John Wiley & Sons Inc. 471 pages; $125 ISBN: 0-471-38877-7 This book offers a unique and comprehensive treatment of RF and microwave filters based on microstrip structures. Many novel and sophisticated filters using computer-aided design are discussed. The book...
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A Graded-gap Gunn Diode Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Adaptive Cruise Control

Introduction to a surface-mount, substrate-based Gunn diode voltage controlled oscillator for use in a 77 GHz frequency-modulated continuous wave radar sensor
Microwave sensors are increasingly finding commercial applications, particularly in the automotive industry. Here, advanced features are used to distinguish vehicles, while safety is a major consideration in new car purchases. Therefore, it is not surprising that radar technology has been adopted and implemented in adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems....
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Internally Terminated 12-throw Electromechanical Switches for Matrix Applications

Presentation of a single-pole 12-throw internally terminated electromechanical switch that forms the basis for a line of N x 12 switch matrix assemblies
Electromechanical distribution systems (switch matrices) are used in both commercial applications and military systems. Computer control of these switch matrices facilitates their use in automated testing and in those systems requiring remote control of switching functions. The newest product in Dow-Key's line of electromechanical switches is a single-pole 12-throw...
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Diclad Liquid Crystalline Polymer Circuit Material for Multilayer PCBs

A new liquid crystalline polymer circuit material for multilayer PCBs is featured on this month's cover
In today's age of high speed Internet, high frequency wireless and wireline communications, conventional materials are reaching their performance limits. Copper-based electrical connections are being limited by the dielectric properties of the insulating layer. Solutions using optical connections are available but are too expensive. Liquid crystalline polymers (LCP) are...
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