Wavecom has joined the ERTICO alliance—a partnership of companies whose goal is to reinforce a future European transport system that is safer, more efficient, more sustainable and more secure.

Through Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Services technology, combined with the appropriate investment in infrastructure, the partnership’s efforts are aimed at reducing the number of accidents and congestion, while making transport networks more secure and minimizing their impact on the environment.

Membership in ERTICO is a natural extension to the contribution Wavecom is already making to the European Commission’s eSafety Forum. The EC’s major initiative, eCall is implementing an action plan to promote pan-European in-vehicle emergency call initiatives by using combined information and communications technologies of which Wavecom is a leading supplier.

Pierre Piver, Wavecom vice president, automotive, commented, “ERTICO represents the best in cooperation among a wide variety of players in the transport industry who are working together to improve all aspects of the industry in Europe. To date, the results coming from ERTICO demonstrate true world leadership and we are looking to bring our experience and our solutions in order to help improve transport systems not only in Europe but around the world.”