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International Report

International Report New UK Military Communications Satellite Launched This past February, the UK's SKYNET 4E military communications satellite was delivered into orbit by an Ariane 4 launch vehicle. The satellite is the second SKYNET 4 Stage 2 vehicle to be launched. (The first vehicle, SKYNET 4D, was launched in...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Reports Forecast Global Mobile Telephony/DTH Satellite Service Growth Baskerville Communications Corp. has released a new report, "Global Mobile Forecasts," which offers a highly detailed discussion of worldwide mobile telephony growth by region. Noting that the number of global mobile subscribers has tripled between 1995 and 1998...
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The Book End

The Book End Advances in Computational Electrodynamics; The Finite-Difference Time Domain Method Allen Taflove (Editor) Artech House Inc. 724 pages; $99, £74 ISBN: 0-89006-834-8 This book (an updated edition of an earlier work on computational electrodynamics published in 1995) offers a compilation of material by a number of experts...
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A Precision TNC Connector Gage Kit

An easy-to-use kit to measure TNC connector dimensional compliance and ensure proper mating of male and female TNC connectors
A Precision TNC Connector Gage Kit Maury Microwave Corp. Ontario, CA With the large number of TNC connector variations on the market and the critical nature of the connectors' dimensions to ensure proper mating, a means to check these dimensions accurately has quickly become a necessity. The model A012E...
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Ultralinear Wireless Amplifiers Using Low Cost Building Blocks

High Power amplifers that provide an efficient way to achieve a high level of distortion-free performance over a wide frequency range without the need for complex and costly linearization techniques
Ultralinear Wireless Amplifiers Using Low Cost Building Blocks Phoenix Microwave Telford, PA Linear power amplifiers (LPA) play a very important role in high performance wireless base stations. Modern multicarrier LPAs improve cell site performance and capacity significantly. Older base station equipment used single channels, each amplified individually using high...
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Miniature, Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers

A miniature, cryogenically cooled, low noise amplifier that provides a reliable, easy-to-use solution for improving system sensitivity is featured on this month's cover
Miniature, Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers MITEQ Inc. Hauppauge, NY The ability to cause improvement in a GaAs amplifier's noise figure performance by decreasing the base plate temperature has been common knowledge for many years. Various industries and disciplines such as radio astronomy and satellite communications have taken advantage of...
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An Ultralinear Amplifier for PCS Applications

A solid-state PCS amplifier that uses a predistortion approach, which offers a lower part count, smaller size and higher reliability than typical feedforward designs
An Ultralinear Amplifier for PCS Applications Stealth Microwave, a division of SSB Technologies Inc. Trenton, NJ As PCSs are being deployed, many service providers are discovering that conventional base stations do not always provide satisfactory service over the entire cell area. This deficiency typically is caused by two factors:...
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Self-aligning Coaxial PCB Connectors

Patented RF connectors with slide-in mating and a floating front end that moves during the mating process
Self-aligning Coaxial PCB Connectors Applied Engineering Products (AEP) New Haven, CT One of the more common problems faced by designers of RF and microwave equipment who incorporate multiple PCBs is connecting the boards directly together so that the RF signals are transmitted properly between PCBs. This problem occurs because...
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SSPA Linearization

A comparison of common solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) linearization methods, which offer significant benefit when used with both bopolar and Si/GaAs FET power amplifiers
Technical Feature SSPA Linearization Allen Katz Please click here to view the pdf file of the Technical Feature...
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A Wideband VCO for Set-top Applications

A modeling technique for handling hyperabrupt varactors based on a high performance SMV1265-001 varactor and its application to wideband VCO design
Technical Feature A Wideband VCO for Set-top Applications Peter Shveshkeyev Please click here to view the pdf file of the Technical Feature...
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