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Around The Circuit

AROUND THE CIRCUIT Industry News Electronic device automation software developer Ansoft Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, has acquired the privately held RF/microwave circuit design tool provider Compact Software Inc. Under terms of the $10 M deal, Ansoft will exchange a combination of approximately 1.3 million shares of common stock and $3...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News Microwave transmission system module provider REMEC Inc. , San Diego, CA, has completed its merger with microwave component manufacturer Radian Technology Inc. Jim Mongillo, CEO of Radian, will become a VP at REMEC and will continue in his current position at Radian. Radian shareholders...
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New Literature

New Literature Relay Catalog This 112-page catalog describes the company's relays designed for commercial and industrial applications. Technical notes, a relay selection guide and a contact selector chart are provided. Features and general data are listed for over 40 relay types. American Zettler Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA (714) 831-5000....
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News from Washington

News From Washington Tier II Global Hawk Rolled Out in San Diego The Tier II Global Hawk, the newest Department of Defense (DoD) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), was introduced at the end of February at Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical (TRA) in San Diego. The UAV is a high altitude, all-weather...
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International Report

International Report Philips Launches New PC Monitor Video-control IC Netherlands contractor Philips Semiconductors has launched its model TDA4885 video-control IC in an attempt to meet the digital control and on-screen display requirements of the latest-generation 15- and 17-inch computer monitors. The IC was developed to enhance the design flexibility...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market CTIA Releases Year-end Wireless Statistics The Cellular Telephone Industry Association's (CTIA) year-end, semi-annual survey of the US mobile communications market indicates that 17 percent of the US population now uses wireless phones. The survey reports that 1996 saw the net addition of more than 10,250,000 phone...
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The BookEnd

The Book End Microwave Transistor Amplifiers: Analysis and Design -- Second Edition Guillermo Gonzalez Prentice Hall 506 pages; $86 This second edition presents a unified treatment of the analysis and design of microwave transistor amplifiers using scattering parameter techniques. The design procedures and analysis presented are not limited to...
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Ultra-Low Noise VCOs

VCOs featuring several performance enhancements ever existing VCO technology that improve exisitng phase-locked loop circuits significantly
Ultra-low Noise VCOs Z-Communications Inc. San Diego, CA Currently, there is a demand for lower noise performance and lower cost VCOs, especially in the upcoming personal communications service and digital radio markets. In these applications, both the Colpitts configuration, shown in Figure 1 , and the common-base configuration, shown...
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A Surface-mount OCXO for Wireless Applications

A surface-mount oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) capable of covering a wide range of performance using precision AT- and SC-cut srystals
A Surface-mount OCXO for Wireless Applications Reeves-Hoffman Inc. Carlisle, PA The growth of today's electronic communications market is based on increased technological capabilities and making those technologies cost effective. Those same principles led to the development of the surface-mount, oven-controlled crystal oscillator (SMOCXO). The personal communications service (PCS) and...
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A High Speed Radio Communications Analyzer

This month's cover features a radio communications analyzer that is capable of performing the same functions as a full rack of test equipment with greater speed
A High Speed Radio Communications Analyzer Anritsu Wiltron Co. Morgan Hill, CA Speed and flexibility are increasingly crucial requirements of test instruments used by cellular handset manufacturers. The ability to test thousands of handsets -- based on multiple standards -- in as little as an hour is now the...
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