RF Micro Devices Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance semiconductor components, recently announced the addition of four new broadband GaAs PHEMT amplifier integrated circuits (IC) to RFMD’s SUF family of products targeting multiple applications within the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) market. Furthermore, given their broadband frequency performance, the new ICs are also applicable to adjacent growth markets including telecom infrastructure and optical networks.

The SUF-7000, -8000, -8500 and -9000 die-level GaAs pseudomorphic heterojuction transistor (PHEMT) amplifiers broaden the SUF family’s range of performance by extending the operational frequency range, which now cover DC to 20 GHz and by delivering multiple combinations of P1dB, gain and linearity performance. In many A&D applications die-level amplifiers are preferred because they exhibit superior high-frequency performance characteristics versus packaged parts, enable flexibility for integration and help end-product designers to achieve smaller board layouts. With the expansion of RFMD’s SUF family of products, customers across multiple markets can now simplify their platform supply base by selecting amplifiers from a diverse high-performance portfolio.

“Given the broadband frequency performance requirements of our defense customers, we are able to simultaneously deliver a family of new high performance ICs which address both military and non-military opportunities with the same IC solution,” said Jeff Shealy, vice president and general manager of RFMD’s Aerospace and Defense Business Unit. “Intelligent re-use of RF circuit design combined with our Optimum Technology Matching (OTM™) strategy are key to our ability to accelerate penetration in multiple RF markets.”

In addition to A&D, telecom infrastructure and optical networks, new markets, such as test and instrumentation, also see value in the SUF family, but may find it difficult to utilize die-level products in various applications. Accordingly RFMD is releasing packaged versions of select SUF family amplifiers for production during the first quarter of 2009. Supporting both die- and package-level products allows maximum flexibility for customers focused on multi-chip integration as well as radio board development.