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Fibercom Clock Timing - A Review of PLL Solutions

Presentation of the emergence of photonic timing devices using phase-locked loops (PLL) for signal generation with challenges in jitter performance, size, power and cost
Tutorial Fibercom Clock Timing - A Review of PLL Solutions Bar-Giora Goldberg Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. San Diego, CA The fiber optics telecommunications market (called here photonics) has experienced huge growth in the last few years. Being a two-level digital transmission format, the requirements for clocking, timing, retiming and sometimes...
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New Products

New Products COMPONENTS Aluminum Nitride Leaded Terminations These AlN packages directly replace existing BeO packages with comparable data in the areas of RF performance, power dissipation, adhesion of metal and resistive films, superior thermal performance, low dielectric constant and electrical resistivity. The terminations feature SWR of 1.25 (max) and...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS EMX Corp. has completed the sale of the business and assets of its subsidiary American Silicon Products Inc. (ASP) to Exsil Inc. , a subsidiary of Rockwood Specialties Inc. NEC Electronics (Europe) has announced a reorganization of its business structure. NEC's operations are now...
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New Literature

New Literature Product Brochure This six-page brochure features the base-model CS2010 system, including the signal generator mainframe with 14 bit DAC and 512 MB of high speed memory, sample clock synthesizer, US Cellular output bandpass filter, "I/Q Import" and "Real Import" modulation modules, Pentium processor with 128 MB RAM,...
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Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses Advanced Design Seminars Topics: The company's new spectral-domain system simulator, SPECTRASYS, is presented. Focus will be on practical implementations of systems using SPECTRASYS to detect signal peak paths, conducted emissions, adjacent channel distortion and channel power measurements. Site: Washington, DC Date: May 30, 2002 Contact: Eagleware...
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News From Washington

News From Washington ARINC Earns Repeat Award for Small Business Assistance For a second consecutive year, ARINC Inc. has earned the rating of "outstanding" for its efforts in support of small businesses. In 2000, and again in 2001, the US Small Business Administration has awarded ARINC its highest rating...
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International Report

International Report New EW for UK SF Helicopters The UK's Ministry of Defence is close to procuring a combined radar and laser warning system from Israeli contractor Elisra Electronics for use aboard the Royal Air Force's eight Chinook Mk 3 Special Forces (SF) support helicopters. The Mk 3 Chinook...
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The Commercial Market

The Commercial Market Ultra-wideband Receives Limited OK from FCC Just when you thought you had figured out the difference between Bluetooth and CDCP, and you have sorted out the number of growing wireless LAN and Personnel Area Network protocols, the FCC has gone out and approved yet another way...
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The Book End

The Book End The Cellular Radio Handbook Reference for Cellular System Operation, Fourth Edition Neil J. Boucher John Wiley & Sons Inc. 749 pages; $135 ISBN: 0-471-38725-8 Cellular radio is the fastest growing area of telecommunications. This book is addressed to professionals and students interested in cellular communications principles,...
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A Modern Militarized Rubidium Frequency Standard

Development of a new generation of rubidium frequency standards for use in tactical military applications
Product Features A Modern Militarized Rubidium Frequency Standard Datum Inc. Beverly, MA The last decade has seen widespread use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic equipment in military applications, allowing modern technology to be utilized quickly and less expensively. For the most part, this process has been successful provided that the...
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