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SOURCES IS-95 16-channel CDMA Source The Zebra series 16-channel CDMA source is designed to test power amplifiers for CDMA signals. Additional applications include IS-95 CDMA forward-channel simulation, adjacent-channel power ratio measurements and realistic characterization of power amplifiers per IS-97 specifications. Sixteen data-encoded CDMA channels are combined digitally with a...
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TEST EQUIPMENT Waveform Simulator The model UCS500M/6 waveform simulator has been modified to accommodate anticipated higher voltage requirements for testing to IEC and EC standards for electromagnetic compatibility, household, industrial and medical electronics, and telecommunications requirements. In addition to surge, waveforms simulated by the unit include burst, power and...
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SUBSYSTEMS Two-axis Monopulse Detection Subsystem This two-axis monopulse detection subsystem has been upgraded to provide low boresight error and good off-boresight accuracy over a dynamic range of more than 60 dB. At 30 MHz, the system drives ±1 V outputs into 75 W under equal signal conditions and operates...
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MATERIAL Flame-retardant Flexible Circuit Material The R/flex Crystal™ series flame-retardant flexible circuit material is designed to meet both current and projected OEM and fabricator needs. The material's dimensional stability meets the specifications of the industry's adhesive-based flexible material systems. The product exhibits reduced adhesive flow during lamination (to approximately...
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News From Washington

News From Washington Iridium Network to Serve Defense Personnel The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has installed a dedicated ground station at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station-Pacific, Honolulu, HI, to act as a terrestrial gateway for Department of Defense (DoD) users of the global Iridium cellular...
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International Report

International Report Netherlands Moves Frigate Programme Forward With Radar Contract Following its selection of Racal's Sabre electronic support/countermeasures system (see page 45 in the January issue of Microwave Journal), the royal Netherlands navy's de Zeven Provincien class frigate programme has progressed further with the receipt of a new radar...
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The Commercial Market

Commercial Market 1998 US Digital Handset Sales Surpass Analog According to a recent report released by Dataquest, a unit of GartnerGroup Inc., US digital handset sales reached 10.1 million units through the first three quarters of 1998 compared to the sale of 7.9 million analog handsets during the same...
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The Book End

The Book End Digital Communications: Design for the Real World Andy Bateman Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. 221 pages plus CD ROM; $59.95, £24.95 Much of today's electronic communications utilizes some form of digital modulation. Communications equipment design engineers now must be thoroughly familiar with these techniques and their effects on...
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Improved Composite Metal for High Performance Semiconductor Applications

An improved version of the popular copper tungsten composite with thermal and electrical properties approaching the product's theoretical maximum
Improved Composite Metal for High Performance Semiconductor Applications Polese Co. San Diego, CA As performance demands on silicon and GaAs devices continue to increase, so do thermal management concerns and the need for cost-effective packaging alternatives. In addition to heat dissipation, concerns such as material compatibility must be considered...
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Chip Directional Couplers for Wireless Applications

Chip directional couplers in an ultra-compact package that utilize a proprietary ceramic multilayer material and process to ensure superior performance and reliability
Chip Directional Couplers for Wireless Applications Toko America Inc. Mt. Prospect, IL Numerous circuit locations exist in today's portable wireless telephones and equipment that require an RF sample voltage to be redirected to another part of the circuit. In the past, directional couplers were considered one of the more...
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