L-3 Electron Technologies Inc. (L-3 ETI) announced the introduction of its model 8923H dual-band 300 W 30 GHz/175 W 45 GHz Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) amplifier. Designed for military SATCOM uplink applications, the new TWT has a remarkably small footprint and weighs less than four pounds.

“The model 8923H enables UAV, fly-away, Communications-On-The-Move and other weight/volume constrained platforms to interface with Wideband Global SATCOM and Advanced EHF satellites with a single amplifier rather than two,” said Alan Piring, L-3 ETI’s vice president of military and telecom TWT products. “This important addition to our product offering enhances our expanding family of high-efficiency, high-power millimeter-wave helix TWTs for SATCOM uplink, radar, electronic countermeasures and instrumentation applications.”

L-3 ETI’s model 8923H TWT operates over the 30 to 45.5 GHz frequency range, including the 33 to 36 GHz radar band, and incorporates focus electrode modulation to allow both CW and pulsed operation. This product introduction complements L-3 ETI’s existing 8926HB 500 W Ka-band TWT (27.5 to 31 GHz) and 8925HP 200W Q-band TWT (43.5 to 45.5 GHz).