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A Novel Three-dimensional CP-FDTD Thin Slot Algorithm for Shielding Analysis

I. INTRODUCTION The integrity of shielding enclosures is compromised by apertures and seams required for heat dissipation, cable penetration, and modular construction, among other possibilities [1]. These perforations allow energy to be radiated to the external environment from interior electronics, or energy coupled from the exterior to interfere with...
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Tensolite to Acquire Carlyle Inc.

Tensolite , of Carlisle Companies Inc., announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-owned Carlyle Inc. , a provider of sophisticated aerospace and network interconnection solutions. With annual sales of approximately $125 M, Carlyle is focused on manufacturing wire and cable harnesses, rack and panels, and...
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AWR and TriQuint Announce New Customer Incentive Program

AWR® and TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. , a leading RF front-end product manufacturer and foundry services provider, announced Project JumpStart, a program designed to provide first-time AWR and TriQuint customers with a low cost introduction to the benefits of design and fabrication of gallium arsenide (GaAs) microwave monolithic integrated circuits...
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C-MAC Solders on to Upgrade UK Test House

C-MAC MicroTechnology , a leader in high-reliability electronic systems, modules and components for the automotive, aerospace, defense, high-reliability industrial, specialized communication and medical electronics industries, has enhanced its accredited UK testing facility with significant investment to provide a new solderability testing capability. Component failure at board level is often...
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