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100 million WiMAX subscribers by 2014, says Maravedis

Device variety and large-scale deployments to drive growth
A new report by the Maravedis analyst firm predicts the number of WiMAX subscribers worldwide will top 100 million by 2014. It is slightly more bullish than a report published earlier this year by Juniper Research, which predicted 80 million WiMAX subscribers by 2013 ( Mobile WiMAX subscribers to...
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Honeywell Technology to Help US Military Rapidly Analyze Intelligence

Honeywell announced that it is developing a revolutionary system for the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) that could dramatically improve the military’s intelligence analyzing capabilities by allowing analysts to evaluate images from satellites, ground cameras and surveillance aircraft more precisely and quickly than ever before. The Honeywell Image Triage...
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Then: The Look Forward in Microwave Plumbing for Systems Applications

First published in July/August of 1958, this article discussed the application of new microwave ferrite components to missile guidance radar, tracking antennas and microwave relays.
THE ADVENT of micowave ferrites and continued advances in microwave techniques have ushered a whole new era into the use of microwave components in systems design. Devices which heretofore were impossible are now realities; switching speeds, modulation rates in microwave components far exceeding those that were even dreamed of...
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QinetiQ Enters Australian Defence Arena

QinetiQ Group Plc has signed agreements to purchase two Australian defence consulting businesses: Ball Solutions Group Pty Ltd. and Novare Services Pty Ltd. The companies are being acquired for a total cash consideration of A$20 M and are subject to Australian and US Government regulatory approval. This is expected...
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New Bid to Develop Innovation Centres

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Technology Strategy Board, together with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), are seeking bids from leading UK universities who wish to host two new Innovation and Knowledge Centres (IKCs). The IKCs will promote the early commercialisation of...
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SELEX GALILEO Takes Singles Title

SELEX S&AS and Galileo Avionica are now operating internationally as a single company within the Finmeccanica Group and will be known as SELEX GALILEO. Historically both companies have traded separately and each has developed a strong client base and a reputation for excellence. The new name celebrates this tradition...
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European First for Astrium Ka-band Satellite

Astrium has been selected by Eutelsat Communications to deliver the first European multi-beam satellite to operate exclusively in the Ka-band and dedicated to providing broadband and broadcast services across the wider Europe. Currently designated as KA-SAT, the satellite marks a material step forward in multi-beam satellites. It will be...
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