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Vectawave sets up worldwide sales channels

Vectawave Technology Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing power amplifiers for over 15 years. Until recently most of their production was distributed through third parties. In 2011/12 Vectawave invested heavily in a purpose built factory equipped with cutting edge design, build and test facilities and are now in a position to offer amplifiers directly to the market under the Vectawave brand.

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Electronica launch for IQD’s new industrial temperature range SMD OCXO

IQD has extended the performance of their IQOV-90 series high stability low phase noise OCXOs to encompass the full standard industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C. High operating temperature ranges are significantly more technically challenging in OCXOs than for other frequency products. By increasing the internal crystals turnover point to a safe margin above 85°C and reducing the thermal loss of the circuit, our design team have been able to increase the maximum external temperature range of the part to 85°C.

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ADI expands its Microwave IC product portfolio with new family of high performance VCOs

Analog Devices Inc. introduced a new family of microwave ICs, the ADF55xx series voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), for point-to-point (PtP), instrumentation/ test equipment and satellite communication applications. Featuring the industry’s leading phase-noise performance, the new ADF55xx VCO series covers a frequency range from 3.5 GHz to 13.9 GHz, offers a wide frequency tuning range and can be optimized for power consumption, phase noise and power output.

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