IQD has extended the performance of their IQOV-90 series high stability low phase noise OCXOs to encompass the full standard industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C. High operating temperature ranges are significantly more technically challenging in OCXOs than for other frequency products. By increasing the internal crystals turnover point to a safe margin above 85°C and reducing the thermal loss of the circuit, our design team have been able to increase the maximum external temperature range of the part to 85°C. However, the extra internal heating of the oven creates a potentially larger thermal loss both internally between the heat source and the crystal and externally between the can and the ambient environment. This is particularly difficult to control at the lower end of the operating temperature range. IQD’s design team have utilised a number of new technologies to improve performance in these areas without increasing package size.

The new design is available in frequencies from 10 to 40 MHz and with supply voltages of 12 V, 5.0 V or 3.3 V. Both sinewave and HCMOS outputs can be specified along with a frequency adjustment option and additionally, a reference voltage output where required. As a further option, an oven alarm output is available which indicates when the OCXO is at a stable working condition after warm-up. Housed in a 25.4  x  22.0 mm package with a height of only 12.3 mm, the new design satisfies applications where space and height is limited. Based on a FR4-PCB with a metal lid and delivered in package quantities of 75 pcs per reel the IQOV-95 is suitable for fully automatic SMD production.

Designed and manufactured in Germany at our IQD FOQ GmbH facility, the IQOV-90 series is suitable for a wide range of applications including base stations, repeater stations, instrumentation, medical and measurement equipment. Due to the flexible nature of the design, alternative supply voltages and output compatibilities to suit almost any application can also be readily developed to meet individual customer requirements. 

Further details will be available at the IQD stand 314 in Hall B5 at Electronica 2012 where IQD will also be demonstrating some of its highfrequency low phase noise technology with crystal oscillators up to 1 GHz.