Ticer Technologies announced that it has become the exclusive global manufacturer and marketer of TCR® thin film resistor copper foil with the expansion of its license from JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corp.

“Previously, we held the TCR license for North America only,” said Ticer Technologies President David P. Burgess. “Due to our great relationship with JX Nippon Mining & Metals and in recognition of Ticer’s available production capacity to support the market and quickly respond to customer needs, our license was expanded to include Europe, Asia and other world markets.”

TCR can be purchased directly from Ticer Technologies or through all major US laminators in the form of rigid or flexible panels. Ticer Technologies will continue the efforts of JX Nippon Mining & Metals to expand the design for TCR and its use in other world markets.

TCR was developed to meet the ever increasing challenges of packaging high speed and high density into electronic printed wiring boards. Layers of TCR are selectively etched to form in-trace resistors within a circuit board. The embedded resistors take the place of surface-mount resistors, creating board surface space for active devices that add functionality and improve electronic signal performance.

Opportunities for integrating embedded passives into circuit boards using TCR can be found in aerospace, satellites, radar, communication devices, chip packaging, memory modules and medical devices.

TCR can also be used in conjunction with many available embedded sheet capacitive products to form a resistive/capacitive layer in circuit boards. Most top- and second-tier printed wiring board fabricators in the US have established processes for using TCR.