Rosenberger introduces the new P-SMP (Power-SMP) RF coaxial connector series that combines the advantages of SMP connectors - minimum board-to-board spaces - and of SMA connectors - high performance and high power rating.

Minimum board-to-board distances from 12.6 mm can be realized by using bullets of different lengths. In these applications, P-SMP connectors are designed for high power loads up to 200 W at frequencies of 2.2 GHz (maximum frequency 15 GHz). Applications include board-to-board connections in base stations, or board-to-cable connections in power amplifier filter units.

Other series characteristics are very high density in board-to-board connections and high flexibility due to misalignment (axial + 1 mm, radial 4°). The new connector series is available in smooth bore, limited detent and full detent configurations.

Using a single connector series, a broad performance band can be covered in a variety of applications due to the outstanding product features.