EB has announced the availability of the EB Propsim F8 Aerospace and Satellite channel emulation Option (ASO) for the aerospace and defense markets. This new option enables realistic, reliable and repeatable end-to-end testing of airborne and aerospace wireless communication links in laboratory conditions.

With EB Propsim F8, the developers of aerospace and defense communication applications can define and emulate the required wireless environment. The radio channel environment can be created once and re-played in the laboratory in order to improve the performance and functionality of the live wireless network or communication link. This reduces the need to perform expensive and time-consuming field testing every time the settings in the network need to be changed.

"The increased market demand in the field of aerospace and defense communication encouraged us to develop the aerospace and satellite option for our EB Propsim F8 platform as well. The generic channel modeling interface allows our customers to utilize their existing software simulation models in a hardware laboratory testing environment," said Jari Heinänen, Director Business Development at EB Wireless Communication Tools. "Being able to test the communication link before actual product launch is extremely critical in satellite communication in particular, since once the satellite is launched one cannot fix the possible communication problems anymore."

The first version of the ASO modeling tool was developed in cooperation with NASA for the EB Propsim C8 product model. It allows scientists at NASA to test multiple wireless high-speed data communication links between a spacecraft and a ground station and satellites. NASA has been utilizing EB's ASO for recreating environments in the laboratory to test the performance of communications systems during the critical stages of launch, flight, space station docking procedures and landing of a spacecraft. This way the functionality of critical communication systems prior to the launch can be ensured.