Empower hosted its worldwide rep network at a reception, dinner and “mini-tradeshow” event as part of its commitment to provide timely updates and access to key management in support of business growth objectives. Key leaders from across the company, including executive management, engineering, operations and business development were in attendance at the event and spent the evening discussing opportunities, highlighting key features of products/capabilities on display, and answering questions. The event was aimed at educating both established Empower sales reps and those completely new to the company through various presentations and Q&A sessions.

Vice President of Sales Jon Jacocks directly addressed the group of sales representatives. “We are investing in engineering and operational excellence to insure that we are successful in our key markets and at our targeted accounts. Our sales partner network compliments these investments with local market knowledge and customer relationships that are an important strength to be leveraged.”

Jacocks informed the dealer network that Empower’s long-term strategic vision leverages the latest in digital and device technology to expand the company's products’ feature set, frequency coverage and reduce power consumption. He went on to state that Empower’s commitment to technology leadership and operational excellence have been critical elements in recent, high profile customer successes.

Building on the company's MTT-S theme of “think inside the box,” the message of increased levels of onboard functionality at the module and systems level was showcased with an array of building block circuits, standard modules and complex integrated power amplifier assemblies on display.

Two product displays drawing considerable interest illustrated this range of capabilities:

The first – a complete amplifier system contained within an extremely robust, water-tight housing that is able to withstand continuous outdoor usage in harsh environments. The ruggedized unit is a high-IP3 design, operating in an RF signal environment with high peak-to-average ratios.

The second – compact PA modules featuring on-board DC-to-DC converters, broadband coverage and integrated transmit/receive switching. GaN and LDMOS versions of these high performance modules also featured on-board tuning and bias control for automatic tune-and-test, which drives down cost and improves supply assurance.

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