OMMIC announces the release of a new X-band integrated Core Chip for T/R functions. This new device, called the CGY2170XUH, is the next generation of the previous X-band Core Chip. The MMIC is more versatile and consumes less power than the previous generation of Core Chips. It is ideal for all X-band Radar applications – Civil, Space and Military.

Covering the 8 to 12 GHz frequency band, the MMIC contains a 6-bit attenuator, 6- bit phase shifter and 2 SPDT switches. An on-chip CMOS/TTL compatible Serial to Parallel converter means that only 3 bonding pads are required to control the digital phase shifter and attenuator. Total power consumption is less than 40 mW.

The technology used to fabricate the MMIC has a long space heritage and is on ESA's European Preferred Parts List. Demonstration boards and samples are available.