For over 30 years, Giga-tronics ASCOR has excelled as a trusted partner in the automated Test and Measurement community. Whether you need to bring products to market faster or make your operations more efficient, Giga-tronics takes the time to understand your business objectives and then recommend the best economic and technical solution for the application. Drawing from experience designing and manufacturing microwave test equipment (signal generators, amplifiers, power meters and analyzers) and microwave components (YIG-tuned oscillators, filters and synthesizer modules), Giga-tronics engineers incorporate industry best practices to provide a high-performance RFIU at a cost-effective price.

Giga-tronics will design build, document and test an RFIU tailored to meet the key requirements of a specific application. Whether it’s a focus on superior signal integrity, extended reliability or global serviceability, Giga-tronics is a proven provider of products and services used in applications ranging from mission critical military and aerospace testing to high volume consumer device manufacturing. Walt Strickler, Vice President of Business Development for Switching Solutions, said, “The RFIU is probably the most overlooked and undervalued part of automated test system design. Even with the most sophisticated test instrumentation, the performance of a test system is only as good as the switching system routing the signals. Only a company who has the experience with all the pieces of the test system can apply that perspective to an RFIU that maximizes system performance.”

Giga-tronics can provide a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) switching and signal conditioning system, including full documentation and a re-orderable model number, backed by a Giga-tronics warranty. From DC to 50 GHz and from high power to low level sensitive signals, Giga-tronics uses industry-leading technology to provide the widest bandwidth, lowest noise and crosstalk, and highest density RFIU which can be incorporated with an interface test adapter (ITA) or an interface connector assembly (ICA). Giga-tronics has provided switching solutions tailored to specific requirements for applications including aerospace and defense ATE, satellite payload test, wireless device and infrastructure test, high-density semi-conductor test and complex subassembly test in electronic manufacturing.