Giga-tronics will demonstrate new tunable YIG-filters and compact low phase noise synthesizer modules at the MTT 2010 International Microwave Symposium in Anaheim, CA. YIG (Yttrium Iron Garnet) tuned oscillators and filters tune over very wide frequency ranges, are very stable and exhibit very low noise. Giga-tronics offers best in class microwave and millimeter-wave designs proving smaller, more compact and custom tailored versions with guaranteed performance in the shortest time. Giga-tronics is currently providing fast-tuning YIG-Tuned filters for interference rejection to several major military programs.

Jim Zazkowski, Vice President of Business Development for Switching Solutions, said, “The MicroSource brand YIG-based product line from Giga-tronics offers both standard and custom-tailored components and assemblies. With our broadband tunable YIG-based filters and oscillators and synthesizer modules, we are addressing the needs of the microwave industry with the best technology available today for wide tuning and ultra low noise”.

Giga-tronics is much more than a YIG oscillator, filter and synthesizer manufacturer. Being a test and measurement company with decades of experience in microwave test equipment (synthesizers, amplifiers, power meters and analyzers) and ATE RFIUs and switch matrices as well, Giga-tronics is uniquely positioned to apply a total system perspective to its products and systems for the RF and microwave industry.