Microsemi Corp., a manufacturer of high performance analog mixed signal integrated circuits and high reliability semiconductors, has announced a new high efficiency, high power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) based on its latest MOS 8™ technology platform.

The new IGBT has been optimized for lower frequency operation (10 kHz to 30 kHz) where conduction loss dominates overall system losses. Target end applications include solar inverters, high performance SMPS, and industrial equipment such as welders, battery chargers and induction heating equipment.

The APT44GA60BD30C also incorporates Microsemi's ultra fast reverse recovery DQ diode as an anti-parallel free wheeling diode.

Key features include: Punch Through Technology; Fast switching; High efficiency: low saturation voltage for low conduction losses; Short tail: minimizing switching losses; and low 1.5 V saturation voltage.

"Optimization of individual device parameters -- such as the lower saturation voltage of our new IGBT -- can be leveraged by designers to make dramatic improvements to overall system performance and efficiency," said Philip Zuk, Product Marketing Manager for Microsemi's Power Products Group. "In this way, power semiconductors play a key, and often under-rated, role in perfecting electrical system designs."

Microsemi's Power MOS8™ PT IGBT portfolio already provides low conduction loss options at 2.0 and 2.5 V. The new APT44GA60BD30C reduces this to 1.5 V, enabling further increases in overall system efficiency for 600 V designs. Input is rated at 44 amps, with 38A maximums recommended at 10 kHz and 27A at 30 kHz.