Aethercomm Inc., has recently completed a high efficiency, high power and highly linear rack mounted amplifier which operates from 960 to 1215 MHz.  This rack mounted unit is microprocessor controlled and provides excellent performance across the entire band. The built in pre-distortion linearizer allows for low level IMD’s at high RF output power levels. The part number for this rack mounted system is SSPA 0.960-1.215-2000-RM. Our high power SSPA produces 800 to 1000 watts PEP or 200+ watts CW. The LCD touch screen display allows the operator to control all functions including the desired RF power output, ALC enable and disable along with much more functionality. The rack mounted unit is housed a 4u high rack mounted enclosure that weighs less than 55 pounds.  Other key points of this design are:

  • 960 to 1215 MHz bandwidth
  • PEP of 800 to 1000 watts
  • 40 dBc IMD products with built in linearizer
  • Gain is >65 dB with Harmonics <-50 dBc
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) settable over 25 dB dynamic range
  • Includes Ethernet and RS-422 ports for remote control and status
  • LCD touch screen control provides real time display and control
  • Total AC power does not exceed 1500 W
  • Integrated thermal management with temperature controlled fans 

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