Barry Industries Inc. is introducing its new flange-mounted line of power resistors and terminations at the May 2010 IMS in Anaheim, CA, at Booth #2421.

These terminations and resistors range in power from 400 to 1,500 W and are specifically designed for the industrial equipment market, i.e. amplifiers, MRIs, etc. These devices have been developed on copper flanges, and are highly reliable for dissipating large amounts of power while maintaining excellent RF characteristics. Barry has tested these parts under the most stringent conditions and found their durability and performance unsurpassed.

Barry also offers a full line of low and high power custom resistors, terminations and attenuators in a variety of substrate and metallization options. Barry provides full LTCC foundry and design capabilities to 65 GHZ and beyond. Through the company's vertical integration, Barry also offers high power ceramic packages, precision electroplating, machining and HTCC semiconductor packaging.