Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry organizations, Accellera and The SPIRIT Consortium, announced that the organizations have completed their merger (revealed in June of last year). The new organization takes on the Accellera name and will continue to develop electronic design language-based and Intellectual Property (IP) standards of benefit to the electronics industry.

The new organization is aligned on the path to create formal standards through the IEEE, and currently has eight standardization subcommittees operating. These standards include: SystemRDL (Register Description Language), IPtagging, Interface Technical Committee (ITC), Open Verification Library (OVL), Unified Coverage Interoperability (UCI), Verilog Analog/Mixed Signal (AMS), Verification IP (VIP) and IP-XACT.

“Our merger with The SPIRIT Consortium benefits the worldwide electronic design community by combining our visions and leveraging our operational strengths in developing and delivering EDA and IP standards,” said Shrenik Mehta, Accellera Chair. "The merged organization with its broad and diverse participation base is positioned to develop future standards that meet the needs of the electronics industry."

“The smooth process the merger has gone through and the high acceptance by the members is a good indication of the positive drive and future we can expect. This big step was the right thing to do and provides the industry with an effective forum to define and deploy standards,” remarked Ralph von Vignau, President of The SPIRIT Consortium. “I am confident that the industry will utilize all Accellera has to offer to add value to the industry in the coming years.”

Accellera is the leading standards organization that develops language-based standards used by system, semiconductor, IP and EDA companies. The SPIRIT Consortium is the leading standards organization that develops standards for IP deployment and reuse.