CTT Inc. announces a new, compact low noise amplifier (LNA) operating in the 1 to 18 GHz frequency range for a wide variety of RF and microwave applications.

CTT’s latest compact LNA offers noise figures of less than 2.5 dB (typical) over an instantaneous bandwidth of more than four octaves (1 through 18 GHz).

This new LNA will find use in a wide range of applications including radar imaging, spread-spectrum, and a myriad of ultra-wide bandwidth applications including the related instrumentation for each.

CTT model number AMX/0118-3026 is based on GaAs PHEMT technology with input and output impedance matching. The compact LNA is available as a drop-in package or with SMA connectors.

In addition, the new LNA’s “automated friendly” design increases consistency of performance, making design-in more cost effective for system designers and manufacturers alike.