Remcom announced it will now offer customers a new flexible payment schedule to accommodate a wider range of budgets and electromagnetic simulation software needs. With the cost of a perpetual software license divided over quarterly, semi-annual, or annual installments, customers can enjoy full product ownership benefits without an initial disbursement of the full price. This arrangement was developed with a focus on the needs of small to mid-sized companies, but is beneficial for any size organization or budget. The program applies to XFdtd®, XGtd®, or Wireless InSite® perpetual licenses.

The duration of the payment schedule is three years, with complete ownership of the product at the end of the term. For the duration of the term, customers will receive the same comprehensive support and release upgrades as are included with a traditional perpetual license. Remcom will continue to offer standard six-month and one-year lease options for customers that prefer shorter commitments with no ownership option.

“We want to ensure that anyone with EM simulation needs can use our tools, regardless of their company size or budget,” said Michael Hicks, Remcom’s Director of Sales and Customer Service. “Remcom is committed to helping customers maximize their profits, from enhancing productivity with our software to helping them preserve their budgets with creative payment solutions. A payment schedule is a great way to lessen resource concerns, enabling even those facing constraints to take advantage of our products.”

Payments start at $3,995 for XFdtd, $3,295 for XGtd and $3,495 for Wireless InSite. Bulk license discounts are also available. For full pricing information or a quote, contact Remcom at