Remcom announces a strategic partnership with AR Europe, a supplier of power amplifiers, antennas, and EMC testing equipment and support.  The partnership will expose Remcom's electromagnetic simulation software and services to a broader audience and make its solutions more easily accessible to European customers.

Michael Hicks, director of business development for Remcom, said the decision to partner with AR Europe was the result of their engineering expertise and entrenchment in the European electromagnetics market.  “We wanted to consolidate our European distribution points in order to create efficiencies both for Remcom and for our customers.  With that in mind, we set out to find a partner with three key advantages: established longevity in the region, proven sales understanding of the market, and high-level technical resources to provide engineering support to our customers.  AR Europe is an exceptional fit for these criteria and will be a natural extension of Remcom in the many European countries they serve.”