Harris Corp., an international communications and information technology company, has received a $228 M order from the US Marine Corps to provide Falcon II AN/VRC-104 high-frequency radio systems for use in US Department of Defense (DoD) MRAP-All Terrain Vehicles (M-ATV). The contract was awarded by the US Marine Corps–Systems Command on behalf of the Joint MRAP Vehicle Program.

“The Department of Defense will use the AN/VRC-104 radio system to provide reliable, secure beyond line-of-sight terrestrial communications for this new class of armored vehicle,” said Steve Marschilok, President, Department of Defense Business, Harris RF Communications. “Beyond line-of-sight communications—such as HF and tactical satellite—are essential in Afghanistan because of its mountainous terrain. M-ATVs are playing a crucial role in the Afghanistan war, and we’re pleased the DoD has again recognized our radios are the best choice for this urgent and important mission.”

The AN/VRC-104 is a vehicular transceiver/amplifier that includes the AN/PRC-150(C), the only Type-1 certified HF radio available today. Harris HF radios are in widespread use by all branches of the US Department of Defense and allies around the world. Harris was recognized previously by the DoD for outstanding performance in delivering more than 10,000 radio systems to the original MRAP program.