Electro Technik Industries Inc. (ETI), an electronics manufacturing company based out of Largo, FL, has acquired Arizona Capacitors and its subsidiaries; West Cap of Arizona, SFE Technologies and Component Research Co. Arizona Capacitors and West Cap manufacture film capacitors for both the industrial and military markets. Arizona Capacitors builds to MIL-STD-790 and is ISO 9001:2000 approved. The company also designs and manufactures a family of electronic filters. These filters can be RF, power line, low pass EMI, as well as feed through capacitor filters.

The capacitors produced at the Tucson facility can be wound on paper, foil, plastic, or metalized film. The main products are dielectrics in polyester, polycarbonate, Teflon, polypropylene, Kraft paper and include many other combinations. The various configurations of the products are epoxy-dipped, wrap and fill, pre-formed, molded, tubular, hermetically sealed, as well as many others.

Arizona Capacitors and/or its subsidiaries have been manufacturing capacitors for more than 57 years. This addition will put a fourth product line under the Electro Technik Industries (ETI) umbrella. ETI’s lines already include resistive, microwave and magnetics. Now with capacitors, as well as filters, they will be able to fill that void and help customers find the passive components they had been seeking.