For use in today’s ever smaller and thinner yet far more functional hand-held devices, the High Performance Foams Division of Rogers Corp. has introduced a new addition to the PORON® materials family – PORON® ThinStik™ Soft Seal.

PORON ThinStik Self Adhesive Solution is an innovative impact sealing PORON Urethane gasketing foam with a built-in adhesive layer for enhanced sealing, cushioning and impact resistance.

Highly compressible PORON ThinStik Soft Seal is the ideal product for ultra-thin gap filling, combining the most compressible PORON foam with the most compressible PORON construction. ThinStik Soft Seal is ideal for LCD gasketing and sealing needs in gaps as thin as 0.10 mm.

Combining Rogers PORON foams with a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer enables higher compressibility than traditional laminated adhesive constructions. Manufactured through a unique process that combines the adhesive and foam in one step, PORON ThinStik Self Adhesive Solution material contains fewer incompressible layers compared to traditional constructions, thereby wasting less surface space. The manufacturing process eliminates the extra, incompressible layers of adhesive and PET found in traditional double-side tape. This provides designers the benefit of more foam in a highly compressible package for the same thickness of final gaskets.

Rogers’ acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive is manufactured to exact specifications to provide a highly reliable bonding surface to a variety of substrates. The adhesive exhibits high quality optical clarity, withstands a wide range of temperatures, and is resistant to chemical exposure.

Compression Force Deflection (CFD) testing comparing PORON ThinStik material and traditional foam with a laminated adhesive demonstrates that ThinStik material is significantly more compressible than the traditional construction. PORON materials in general retain over 90 percent of their original thickness under extreme conditions (material compressed 50 percent for 22 hours at 70°C).

PORON ThinStik is an all-in-one solution, answering designers’ needs for a highly compressible yet compression-set resistant foam for effective sealing and gap filling in ultra-thin devices. Due to its high compression set resistance, PORON ThinStik materials bounce back so gaskets hold their shape and seal for prolonged periods, effectively blocking contaminants and extending product life.

Rogers ThinStik urethane material demonstrates exceptional durability and elasticity under pressure. Due to its high compression set resistance, the material bounces back to enable gaskets to hold their shape and seal for prolonged periods, effectively blocking contaminants like dust and moisture for the life of the product.