Chandler, AZ – May 04, 2011 – As handheld devices decrease in size and increase in functionality, achieving the proper balance of sealing and protection with the requirements of an ultra thin application can be an extreme design challenge.

To help address this growing need, Rogers Corporation has introduced two new members to the PORON® ThinStik™ family of foams:

PORON ThinStik ShockSeal™ Foam: 79TS1-09021
ThinStik ShockSeal foam successfully combines the compressibility of the ThinStik family of foams with the impact protection of the ShockSeal series. Additionally, this offering exhibits high z-axis tear strength and excellent sealing properties. ThinStik ShockSeal foams are ideal in applications where maximum impact protection is a must.

PORON ThinStik Foam: 92TS1-09020
ThinStik 92TS1-09020 foam provides a winning combination of compressibility and tear strength. Additionally, 92TS1 products provide good protection against impact, making them the most well-rounded and versatile foam in the ThinStik materials family.

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