Spain’s AT4 wireless, a wireless certification and testing laboratory, is now offering additional Interoperability Test Suites in the framework of WiMAX™ Certification, and thus claims to be the first laboratory worldwide that can provide in-house the full range of testing services required for WiMAX Certification.

AT4 wireless was selected in 2004 by the WiMAX Forum® as their first and lead Certification Laboratory and has maintained a continuous commitment to play the role of reference laboratory by offering to the WiMAX vendors’ ecosystem the full range of test suites required by the WiMAX Forum in order to achieve Certification for their products.

As the latest development in this field, AT4 wireless is now offering the Mobile Interoperability Testing (MIOT) Amendment (PHY and MAC-related Interoperability Test Suites) and Operator Interoperability Testing (OIOT – Network layer-related Interoperability Test Suites), in order to complete the company’s portfolio of WiMAX Certification testing services.

“This is another important milestone for AT4 wireless, and we are pleased to provide in-house the full range of test suites required for WiMAX Certification, including the Operator Interoperability Testing Service,” said Jose de la Plaza, Telecommunications Laboratory Manager at AT4 wireless. “We have also enhanced this complete certification service by offering the most comprehensive set of validated test systems as an add-value in the form of enhanced flexibility to adapt better to vendors’ specific needs.”