Orbit Technologies has announced record orders for its satellite communication products. The company reports second quarter additional orders in excess of $5 M of its marine VSAT systems, with total worldwide VSAT systems orders expected to exceed $100 M this year.

Orbit’s marine VSAT systems enable global satellite connectivity in all weather and sea conditions, providing uninterrupted broadband satellite communication for a variety of applications including: Internet, TV, video and VoIP. The company’s portfolio of marine systems, including its flagship OrSat, utilize Ku-, C- and X-bands, which are installed onboard a wide variety of vessels.

Avi Cohen, Orbit’s CEO, explained, “We see a growing demand for ship borne satellite communication systems. Both businesses and individuals expect the same connectivity capabilities they enjoy in their offices or homes, while at sea. Specifically, we see a business demand for uninterrupted broadband connectivity anywhere at sea, from merchant ships, oil and gas drilling companies, to cruise liner companies seeking to accommodate their passengers.”

He continued, “We anticipate that in the near future, every moving platform such as a ship or train will have broadband connectivity capability. We believe this to be the inevitable consequence of the ever increasing ‘staying connected’ demand. Orbit is certain to benefit from this growth. As we continue to add value to our customers, we enjoy very high demand levels for Orbit's VSAT systems at this point, and we see no reason for change in this increasing growth rate.”