Agilent Technologies Inc. announced it will show its newest test and measurement solutions in microwave, RF, wireless and radar for telecommunications, transportation and medical markets at the 2009 European Microwave Conference. Agilent’s booth is at the Nuova Fiera di Roma, Hall 9, stand no. 539. Featuring industry-leading performance and functionality, Agilent’s test solutions enable R&D, design and manufacturing engineers, maintenance and service providers to develop and deliver innovative products in these competitive markets.

“Agilent consistently delivers the measurement products that engineers need to speed up their development and delivery in competitive, technically complex areas,” said Ron Nersesian, President of Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group. “We’re showing a wide set of new test and measurement solutions that deliver the right test tools for engineers to address the demands in microwave, RF, wireless and radar applications.”

Agilent will showcase 20 applications/products for wireless, aerospace and defense, microwave and radar including:

• Breakthrough news in signal and spectrum analysis. Agilent will announce new X-Series of signal analysis products. Since 2006, Agilent’s X-Series, an evolutionary approach to signal analysis, has consistently delivered to customers the industry-leading speed, scalability and application breadth they need and expect.

• Complete linear and nonlinear component characterization in a single instrument. Agilent’s PNA-X Series microwave network analyser provides the world´s widest range of measurement applications for amplifiers, mixers/converters, and antennas with a single connection. The system allows users to make true differential measurements at 50 GHz to 0.5 THz as well as pulsed measurements.

Accurate Nonlinear Device Measurement and Simulation Using X-parameters and the latest innovations in Nonlinear Vector Network Analysis. Agilent’s nonlinear vector network analyser (NVNA) is the world’s first integrated commercial product to measure nonlinear X-parameters. Using real nonlinear data, the NVNA minimizes design iterations and reduces the overall design cycle by 50 percent. NVNA’s X-parameter measurements can be easily dragged and dropped into Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) to simulate, model, and design real-world nonlinear systems and circuits. ADS can generate nonlinear behavioral models from X-parameter measurements or circuit-level designs with the same speed and convenience as the well known linear S-parameters.

• EDA solutions. EMPro 2009, the full 3-D electromagnetic (EM) design and simulation software contains both finite-element-method and finite-difference-time-domain EM simulation techniques and represents the next step in integration with Advanced Design System (ADS). Also showing: ADS 2009 Update 1, the industry’s first complete MMIC desktop design flow; Genesys 2009, the low-cost, high-performance RF/MW board design solution with integrated 3-D planar EM simulation and 3-D layout viewing; SystemVue, enabling design and verification of layer 1 (PHY) communications systems in half the time and DSP design with real-world RF models and connectivity.

• Award-Winning Scanning Microwave Microscope. This microscope uses Agilent’s 5420 and 5600 atomic force microscopes and an Agilent PNA to create a powerful and unique combination for electromagnetic measurements at the nanoscale. The technique enables complex impedance (resistance and reactance), calibrated capacitance, calibrated dopant density and topography measurements.

• Additional demonstrations include innovative solutions for measuring electromagnetic properties of materials from stealth materials to dielectric substrates, unprecedented output power of over one Watt from a microwave signal generator, and the most advanced wideband signal generation and analysis

Agilent will also host several technology partners at the show, showcasing solution examples in antenna, probing, load pull and noise parameter applications.

Agilent, in its fourth consecutive year as a European Microwave platinum sponsor, will host 16 technical programs that include workshops and tutorials focused on 4G, LTE, MIMO, X-parameters and application areas such as RF design and measurement, antenna design, noise characterization and low-level signal measurements. The presentations are designed to give attendees immediate and effective application understanding. For additional information and online registration visit,