MI Technologies announced it has released its new MI-3064 Time Domain Analysis software product. The Time Domain Analysis Software product provides the ability to manipulate and filter test data in the time domain to improve measurement results.

Marion Baggett, Manager of Applications and Systems Engineering at MI Technologies, said, “In antenna ranges, extraneous signals can be introduced that contaminate the antenna pattern. These contaminating signals have longer path lengths and, as a result, longer travel times than the primary, direct, signal path. The time domain analysis helps identify and separate these other signal paths.”

The MI-3064 Time Domain Analysis Software is based on the relationship between the frequency domain and time domain through the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Given measurement data containing the frequency spectrum of a signal, inverse FFT processing essentially recreates the time varying signal. A primary advantage of the time domain is that it can be easily converted to distance using the signal propagation constant (usually the speed of light). Then distance dependent error sources can be identified, analyzed and removed. The MI-3064 provides a gating window in the time domain that can be used to reject extraneous signals. The gated time domain data is then converted back to the frequency domain for standard antenna analysis.

The MI-3064 Time Domain Analysis Software joins the MI-3000 Family of Data Acquisition and Analysis workstation products that offer an extensive array of features, options and modules that provide solutions for the most demanding measurement requirements.