Sonnet Software Inc., a high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software provider, introduces Sonnet Lite Release 12, a free 3D Planar EM simulator, currently available for download, as a tool for learning and experimenting in high frequency RF transmission lines, circuits, packages and antennas.

Release 12 is Sonnet’s sixth full release of Sonnet Lite over the past decade and is a fully functional EM software tool that does not expire and is based on a proven industry standard in the Sonnet Professional Suite and introduces higher simulation efficiency and more features. New features in Release 12 will help high frequency design engineers explore manufacturing tolerance impacts on designs, such as variations in material purity and thickness. Sonnet Lite can also be used from within the AWR Microwave Office® or Agilent ADS™ environments.

“We’re proud to provide a leading-edge ‘virtual prototyping’ tool for the student and experimenter in high frequency planar circuits, packages and antennas,” said Shawn Carpenter, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Sales. “Sonnet maintains our commitment to students and learners through free access to top notch high frequency electromagnetic software.”

Sonnet Lite provides a full-wave EM solution for 3D planar circuits and initially allows users to solve problems that require up to 1 MB of RAM, which is ideal for simple transmission line or discontinuity analysis. After registering the software, Sonnet will in return send a license to expand the memory resources to 16 MB of RAM, making Sonnet Lite capable of analysis of small to moderate planar filters, interconnects and patch antennas.

“Since Sonnet Lite can be used at home, work or school, it places no load on commercially purchased licenses from those who need the time with the software to learn to use it,” Carpenter said. “Students need access to real, commercial tools to gain an advantage in the job market; teachers need access to readily available and inexpensive learning tools for their students and engineers need tools for learning, whether at home or on the job, and the software they use for learning must be easy to access, easy to use, and if possible, inexpensive.”

Sonnet Lite Release 12 is available for free download at Sonnet’s website, where there is no need to register or provide any personal information. Visit for detailed product information or to download the software.