Sonnet Introduces Sonnet Suites Release V12

Sonnet Software Inc. races into multi-threaded computing technology with its latest software, Sonnet Suites Release 12 (V12), which allows designers to analyze circuits up to 30 times faster than the previous release. Two new versions of Sonnet’s Electromagnetic analysis engine, em®, are launched in V12: Sonnet Desktop Solver engine,...
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Sonnet Introduces SONNET Suites Professional Release 12

Sonnet Software Inc. , a provider of High Frequency Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation Software, introduces the latest SONNET® Suites Professional™ Release 12. Complementing Sonnet’s legendary accuracy, Sonnet now introduces dramatically faster simulations through parallel processing on multi-core CPUs. Each frequency point is computed in parallel within the same computer. Sonnet’s...
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Conformal Subsections for Accurate EM Analysis

The fast fourier transform (FFT) approach to the method of moments (MoM) is well known for providing high accuracy, high dynamic range and robust electromagnetic (EM) analysis of planar circuits. The FFT consistently calculates the coupling between subsections to full numerical precision; no error is introduced by complex multi-dimensional...
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