The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has awarded approximately €6 M to a wireless communications research project involving Aalborg University, Infineon Technologies and Agilent Technologies. The consortium will focus on high performance, easy test infrastructure, low power consumption, and lower cost mobile communication solutions. The intent is not only to develop new technology, but also to support innovation and create cost-competitive solutions, resulting in a significant advancement in LTE and 4G mobile technology.

Several indicators show that within a few years this technology could be a leading factor in wireless communications. The program’s efforts to further develop this technology will potentially contribute to broader impact and expanded growth. The collaborative effort between Aalborg University, Infineon Technologies, Agilent and the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation hopes to accelerate the results.

As part of the project, Agilent Technologies will staff a new research and development team in Aalborg to work on advanced aspects of 4G test. In the development of new wireless technologies, testing procedures are some of the most complex and time-consuming processes. The test phase usually takes up to a third of the total time spent, but in cooperation with Agilent the so called 4GMCT consortium aims at making the test phase more efficient by testing continuously through the process and thereby making the final product cost effective and more cost-competitive.

Commenting on the collaboration and the financial award, Aalborg University’s Professor Preben Mogensen said, “This is also a great opportunity to get a manufacturer of chips, a research and development lab for test and a university working together. The grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation creates solutions where we can lead the way for innovation. This should not just be a technological platform, but also a catalyst to new activities, plus securing existing activities in the region.”